Nebbia - AW Atypisches T-Shirt, jeans blau

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A new era of fitness clothing is coming! The AW Line collection is created for all men... mehr
A new era of fitness clothing is coming! The AW Line collection is created for all men who want to be stylish, fashionable and aren‘t afraid of new trends. It is full of modern and trendy pieces, but it also provides you with the ultimate comfort during workout.

Do you want something more than just an ordinary T-shirt? Atypical cutting, interesting stitching, modern color design. This is a T-shirt in which you will stand out from the crowd! Front and back cut into "V", fine and comfortable material and trendy slim fit cut - all this guarantee that your back and shoulders will be really highlighted!

The new AW Line collection is mainly characterized by its sophisticated design and materials that you will appreciate both during the training and during the day. If you like the minimalist print, this T-shirt is exactly the piece you will love! Interesting detail - the cross stitching across the front side in the color of the t-shirt and the atypical cutting are the new trend which we create NOW and together with YOU!

Thanks to its modern design and perfect material, this is a piece that you will wear not only to the gym, but also for any casual day.

modern atypical cut
slim fit
highlighting the figure
front and back cut into letter "V"
cross stiching across the front side
"jeans" color
nice to touch
minimalist logo print
material: 100% indigo cotton
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