Nebbia - AW Sweatpants Trainingshose, schwarz

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A new era of fitness clothing is coming! The AW Line collection is created for all men... mehr
A new era of fitness clothing is coming! The AW Line collection is created for all men who want to be stylish, fashionable and aren‘t afraid of new trends. It is full of modern and trendy pieces, but it also provides you with the ultimate comfort during workout.

Do you prefer comfort or do you care more about the style of your clothes? Why compromise? The sweatpants from the new AW Line collection are thanks to comfy cut and perfect design, the piece which guarantees you maximum comfort and perfect look at the same time! Forget boring pants, forget classic one-color designs. Choose comfort and contrasting color details.

Material is fine and comfy and together with practical pockets, rubber in waist with woven ribbon and regular cut it makes these pants the piece which you enjoy not only to the gym but also during your free time! Contrasting details of the rib material and minimalist print gives them that perfect modern look.

Pants are made in two color combinations – classic black with grey details or trendy light grey with black details. In new AW Line collection which is mainly characterized by its sophisticated design and perfect materials, you can find a lot of pieces which look perfect in combination with these sweatpants!

regular fit, true to size
interesting stitches
details of structured material in contrasting color
rubber in waist and woven ribbon
two side pockets
nice to touch
minimalist logo print
material: 85% cotton, 15% polyester
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