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Better Bodies - Bowery Leggings, black

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Velour is back! Well not really, this isn’t the velour of the 70’s. The Bowery leggings are... mehr
Velour is back! Well not really, this isn’t the velour of the 70’s. The Bowery leggings are velour done the Better Bodies way. These high waisted leggings should be your go-to pair of leggings. They are multi-purpose and check pretty much all the boxes. Perfect to wear as lounge wear or to and from the gym. Why not rock them as street wear bringing the style of the 70’s back in a fresh fit style.

Fit: Slim
Waist: Mid 
Length: Full  
Material: 2-way stretch velour fabric, a polyester and elastane blend, 95% Polyester / 5% Elastane
Features: Soft elastic inside waistband channel, Smooth and soft to the touch.

Size guide

XS = 27,5 cm S = 30,5 cm M = 33,5 cm L = 36,5 cm 
XS = 10 5/6“ S = 12” M = 13 1/2” L = 14 3/8”

XS = 70 cm S = 72 cm M = 74 cm L = 76 cm 
XS = 27 5/9“ S = 28 1/3” M = 26 1/7” L = 30”

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