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Bara Sportswear - Aurora Tights, muster

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The most breathtaking phenomena of the north could be Aurora Borealis. We have... mehr
The most breathtaking phenomena of the north could be Aurora Borealis. We have collected the colours of the Northern Lights to create this stunning, fashionable tights and we're sure you will get noticed wearing this Bara pieces. 

The high waistband gives you a natural hold in, without being too tight or slipping down. It can also be folded down, in a comfortable way.

Non-see-through and 100% squat proof! 

Sizing - If you are in-between two sizes, please take the largest one. Check our sizing chart.

Fabric: 73% Polyester / 27% Spandex
- Compression 
- Second skin feeling
- Unique 4-way stretch and recovery features
- Moisture wicking materials
- Wide flat waistband with hold-in
- Small pocket for your essentials
- Full length
- Avaliable sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
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