Villin - Clique Track-Bottom Trainingshose, beige

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Clique Track-Bottom Villin Crew was established for a crew who refused the norm, we are the... mehr

Clique Track-Bottom

Villin Crew was established for a crew who refused the norm, we are the disruptive children, the children who were not prepared to leave without making their mark, the children who paved their own beaten path. Villin Crew is more than what you wear, it’s the feeling you get when you walk down the street knowing you’re a part of something much bigger then yourself.

We are a vibration of many, a lifestyle for those who are not prepared to simply just exist.

Where here to break the rules, and leave our mark, we are crew, we are the family we are the ones held together like bricks!


A fashion label design by Brick City Villin 

Keep your active wear game strong with these easy to wear fashion track pants

  • Can be worn High waisted or normal
  • Soft jersey fabric
  • Slim fit legging
  • Ripped elastic waist with draw strings
  • Ripped cuffs
  • Breathable airtex mesh paneling
  • Beige with white panel each leg
  • Villin Crew label on side hem

  Model wearing XS - True to size.

1/2 waist3335.53840.5
1/2 hip47.55052.555
1/2 leg opening8.3599.6510.3
front rise27.352828.6529.3
back rise38.353939.6540.3
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